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"No one can protect an animal from running away, but from never coming back. The tagging with a microchip and the registration are the best insurance for your animal."

Philip McCreight, Director of Tasso e.V.

Pet microchips and RFID chip readers - Make your animals identifiable in just 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Mark your dog, cat etc with a microchip

Animal identification wit a microchip is a widely used method with a lot of benefits. The (mini) chip is readable with a compatible RFID scanner. So your marked and registered pet can easily be assigned to you as the pet owner.

pet microchip on finger

Step 2: Registering your pet's chip number at Tasso (or any other database)

Register the chip number along with your contact data at Tasso, Europe's biggest animal database for free! Your data is securely stored and will not be given to others without your permission.

Tasso e.V


What animals should get a microchip?

Not every country has the requirement for pet identification. But it is useful to set a chip and register your pet (see reasons above).

The benefits are evident regarding dogs. But we also recommend to mark cats, even house cats,! It is hard to belive, but 10 times more cats get lost than dogs! But unfortunately only a few cats get a microchip and are registered.

Ferrets have to be marked aswell if you want to take them to the EU.

To tell your own pets apart or to control the origin you may also want to mark your rabbits, guinea pigs or even birds.

Dog with microchip
Cat with microchip
Ferret with microchip
Parrot with microchip
Rabbit with microchip
Guinea pigs with microchip

An example: The chip for dogs

Dogs are one the oldest domestic animals and today loyal companions of millions of peaple.

Just imagine: You are walking with your dog and the wind whirls up some leaves. Your dog is distracted and all of the sudden pushes forward. It doesn't react to your calls.

Or: You open the door for the mailman and, whoosh, your dog runs out.

Is your pet chiped and registered? Then you can be sure: If someone finds your dog and scans the chip you can be identified as its owner.

With our chips and the registration at tasso you have the best insurance to get your dog back again. The microchip is applied with a special injector, ypour dear dog won't suffer much pain.

RFID reader for your registered dog

To scan the chip number a special RFID reader is required. If your dog is marked with a chip and you scan it with a reader the reader displays the 15 digit number. You can check the number on any database (e.g. Tasso) and identify the pet owner within a short time period. All our readers store the numbers on their memory. You can read the memory easily on your PC or on your mobile (not all modells support mobiles).

When the chip should be set?

If your pet is very young you should wait until it can take an injection. This is the case when your pet can be vaccinated. The best solution is letting the vet set the chip at the same time as the vaccination.

If you have a grown up animal which is not marked with a chip you should set the chip as soon as possible. Please don't forget to register your pet.

Who is allowed to set the chip?

It is different from country to country. In some cases every qualified person is allowed to set the chip, in other only the vet. Please get the information from your respective authorities. In the EU every qualified person is allowed to set the chip.

Our recommendation: Please let a vet do the injection if you are not familliar with animal identification! Many vets agree to set the chip you can buy here and bring them with you. So you can spare your pet from suffering but also save some money.

The left neck side, where the chip is supposed to be set, is a very sensitive place wth a lot of blood vessels. So it is importatnt to let an expert do the injection.

Microchip vs. tattoo - What should you use?

Before the RFID technology animals where marked with a tattoo on the ear or inner leg side. The benefit was that the number was visible from the outside but it had major disadvantages.

Here is a comparison:

Tattoo Microchip
Dog's tattowed ear Microchip
- A tattoo fades relatively quickly and is not readable then. + The chip number can be read during the animal's whole life span with a scanner.
- Even a freshly made tattoo is difficult to read on dark skin. + The skin color doesn't matter at all.
- The animal has to be touched to raise the ear or the leg. It is not easy when the animal is scared or agressive. + The scanner can be hold several cm away from the animal.
- Tiny animals can not be tattooed. + The mini chip (1,4 x 8,5 mm) is suitable for nearly all animals.
- The animal has to be put under anesthesia during the process. It is costly and time cunsuming. + If operated correctly, the chip can be set in seconds without any harm for the animal.
- There are no standards for the code, every vet has its own system. It makes it hard to identify the owner correctly. + The structure of the chip number is ISO standardized. The manufacturer can be identified easily.
- The codes are not unique. There are no control mechanisms to guarantee that. + ICAR controls the numbers and the manufacturers. The number on certified chips is unique and the ISO standards guaranteed.
- Tattoos can be forged easily. + The chip number is read only and provides a certain degree of security.
- The tattoed ear can be cut off by crimninals. + The chip stays safe under the animals skin.
+ The number is visible from the outside. - The chip nuber can be read with a special scanner only.

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  • You can be sure: Our chips comply with all current EU regulations and ISO norms and are certified by ICAR (International Commitee for Animal Recording).
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