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There are a lot of benefits of marking your pet with an animal tag:

  • If your pet gets lost or stolen, you can be identified as the owner.
  • Animal tagging is important for animal welfare. The owner of abandoned animals can be identified, too.
  • Your pet is listed in your pet passport correctly.
  • For trainers: you can easily track the success of your animal in competitions.
  • Transponder controlled devices can be activated, e.g. catflaps or feeding troughs.
  • Your pet is required to be tagged if you want to take it with you traveling the EU.

  • delivers the highest quality transponders available
  • is a certificated manufacturer of syringes
  • makes transponders and syringes in Europe
  • has a growing customer number
  • has gained experience through many years
  • proven ICAR-member

animal tag chipdeal quality low quality animal tag
chipdeal quality low quality animal tag