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Pet microchips and RFID chip readers - Make your animals identifiable in just 2 easy steps!

Step 1: Mark your dog, cat etc with a microchip

Animal identification wit a microchip is a widely used method with a lot of benefits. The (mini) chip is readable with a compatible RFID scanner. So your marked and registered pet can easily be assigned to you as the pet owner.

Why should you use a microchip? Click here

  • If your pet gets lost or stolen, you can be identified as the owner. You can get your dear pet back quickly.
  • The fast identification of a lost pet saves a lot of money and work in animal shelters.
  • Animal tagging is important for animal welfare. The owner of abandoned animals can be identified, too.
  • Your pet is listed in your pet passport correctly.
  • For trainers: you can easily track the success of your animal in competitions.
  • Transponder controlled devices can be activated, e.g. catflaps or feeding troughs.
  • Your pet is required to be tagged if you want to take it with you traveling the EU.

How exactly to set the chip? Click here recommends letting a vet do the injection

The vet should note the following steps:

  1. Check with a chip reader whether the animal is already tagged with an ID chip.
  2. Check the sterility of the package.
  3. Scan the animal tag and compare the number with the one on the barcode labels.
  4. Shave the skin on the implanting place if necessary and disinfect it.
  5. Take the syringe out of the package and remove the protection cap.
  6. Place the microchip to the right position on the animal’s body (left neck side): Fold the skin above the left shoulder with your fingers and thumb. Insert the needle with pressure underneath the thumb’s nail, insert the chip and pull out the needle.
  7. Check the transponder with a reader whether the chip works correctly.
  8. Register the 15 digit tag number at a pet database (e.g. Tasso)!

pet microchip on finger

Step 2: Registering your pet's chip number at Tasso (or any other database)

Register the chip number along with your contact data at Tasso, Europe's biggest animal database for free! Your data is securely stored and will not be given to others without your permission.

Why you should register? Click here

To track the pet's owner it is very important to register the chip number, the pet's data and the owner's data. You can compare it with a telephone directory: Each phone number has a name provided along with it. You can not identify the person you want to call if the directory would contain only the phone number.

With your pet it's the same. Without registering your pet you can not be identified as the owner. The chip contains only a 15 digit number without any specific information. We recommend to register you rpet at Tasso. (!

Please make sure that you also meet the legal requirements of your respective country!

How to register? Click here

  • Quick and easy online registration:
  • Registration via mail or FAX: We optionally include a tasso registration form for each chip you order. You can fill it out and send it via mail or FAX.

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