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Why do you need a pet chip reader/scanner?

You can scan the chip number and it the number is shown on the display. A chip reader is indispensable for vets, shelters, breeders, private and public animal wellfare organisations and private pet owners.

  • Before a chip is about to set you have to check its functionality with a reader first. After implanting the chip it should be checked again to be sure that the chip is in place.
  • Do you want to identify a found animal and its owner? If the animal has a chip and is registered you need to scan the chip with a reader and look up the number in a pet database.
  • Are you a breeder and want to increase your credibility? Proof that the animal is chiped with a reader. If you as a buyer want to make sure that the animal is chiped you need to use a reader as well.
  • If you are travelling abroad we recommend you to bring your own reader. It decreases the time needed to check your animal at the border.

Readers in comparison

Reading standards:      
internal memory
direct scan to PC
Android and iOS App *
last scanned number can be shown on display
reading distance up to 8cm
backlit display
multilingual UI
frequency 134 kHz
charging on USB interface
weight 134g 63g 170g
contents of delivery:      
User's manual DE/EN
USB cable
charging EU plug optional optional optional
Software CD optional not required* optional
warranty 3 years
* No additional Software needed. You can connect the device with the included cable to your Windows or Linux PC, Mac or Android OTG and read the data like from a USB stick.
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 41783503

What reader /scanner should you choose?

The answer depends on your use case.

All of our readers are durable and very easy to use. They can be placed in robust cushioned cases, which are oncluded in the delivery. All of them store the scanned numbers within the internal memory. They can be charged or connected to your PC with the included USB cable. If you want to charge your device without a PC you can use the plug of your amartphone or tablet pc or you can buy a USB plug at for a small additional price. (EU plug only!)

Reader Plus Extra - Professional device for a small price

Reader Plus Extra

Do you work in a animal wellfare organization, as a vet or at authorities which find lost animals the reader Plus Extra is the right choice.
The reader Plus Extra can scan different standards so you can be sure that nearly every chip within the EU can be identified.

The reader Plus Extra is suitable for you if you want to transfer the chipnumber directly to your PC after scanning. You can connect the device via USB cable or via Bluetooth and send the number to your software so you don't have to type. Of course you can collect up to 1200 numbers first and send them completely to your PC. You can download the software for free HERE.

The reader is excellent for mobile use. You can download the PetScan App for your Android and iOS device and connect your reader via Bluetooth.
The display is backlit so even under bad light conditions you can see everything.
Do you have animals with HDX ear tags? The reader Plus Extra is just perfect then.

Reader F1 MINI - mini sice, maxi features

Reader F1 Mini

Do you need a small device which you can put in your pocket? Then you should decide to buy the reader F1 Mini.
The following two features make it perfect for mobile use: The last scanned number can be displayed again, even after the device has been turned off. A flashlight is built right in and the extra large display is backlit. The device can read FDX-A and HDX chips or ear tags and stores up to 2700 numbers which can be transfered to your PC without any extra software. You can connect it to Windows, Linux, Mac or even Android OTG because it is nahdled like a USB memory stick.

Reader Halo - The round allrounder

Reader Halo

Do you use BioTherm chips or do you want to scan your own pets with a very simple to use device, you can choose the reader Halo. It has an ergonomic form and the scanning process is similar to stroking your pet. It also stores 2700 numbers and you can download the software HERE